Video missing on converted files (but audio intacted)

I have a process that has been running fine for many months but now the files it generates have the audio but no video. The size of the created file is much smaller than it should be indicating that the video isn’t contained in the file at all (76 meg Vs 1.3 gig for example). I’ve tried rebooting, testing files that had already been processed successfully, turning hardware acceleration on and off, changing output formats, and upgrading from the previous version to the current version (2.5.5). I am able to open up the original files in Handbrake and examine them without any problem. I’m not sure what to try next. Any help would be most appreciated.

mcebuddy.log (167.5 KB) Test.mp4-Bayon Trim-2021-04-15T23-53-15.log (5.7 MB)

Your video file is full of errors and ffmpeg is unable to process it

→ [h264 @ 0000015caa22ef80] decode_slice_header error
2021-04-15T23:54:23 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.FFmpeg → [h264 @ 0000015caa22ef80] no frame!

If you’re recording this using a tuner card then likely the tuner driver is causing this issues. If you have a sample of the original recording please upload it to our server so we can further analyze it

Thank you for the reply. That test video was recorded with Playon. I have run dozens of recent videos through with the same results. My guess is that this started earlier in the year when I probably updated Playon. When I run the following command using the version of ffmpeg provided by MCEBuddy it works…

.\ffmpeg.exe -i C:\Temp\Test.mp4 -ss 4 -t 390.603 -c copy C:\Temp\TestCrop.mp4

When I drop the test file into Handbrake it process it fine and I don’t see any extra Titles or Angles, but when I load it into KDenLive I get an abnormal popup that says “Additional streams for clip…” and gives me the option to import “Video Stream 2”. In this case, Stream 1 is the actual video with audio, and Stream 2 is listed as a PNG (probably used for the thumbnail by Playon). I think my next step should probably be to try and uninstall/reinstall Playon.