Tuning ShowAnalyzer

To adjust the ShowAnalyzer ad detection settings, start Showanalyzer User Interface from the Start Menu. Then click on ToolsSettings. Then click on Default Profile.
NOTE: MCEBuddy always uses the default profile at this time so make sure any changes made to the ad detection settings are always made in the default profile.

Here you can get a list of all the settings that ShowAnalyzer uses to detect commercials. If you click on a setting it will show you the description at the bottom. Play with the various settings to adjust the ad detection to make it more aggressive or less aggressive depending on your recordings. Be sure to enable the Override option for each settings you are changing followed by clicking on the Save Changes button.

NOTE: If you don’t see ShowAnalyzer creating an EDL file then click on the Output tab at the top and change the EDL → When to Finished and select the Override option

If you’re using Comskip see this topic.