POLL. Which is better Comskip and Showanalyzer

Hey guys.

I am curious which is better.

I currently use Comskip Donators.

I am curious, for those who have used both Comskip and Showanalyzer in the USA which you prefer.

I’ve never used ShowAnalyzer and have had good success with Comskip Donators. I have a few hiccups with Comskip.

I’m not necessarily concerned with speed as much as accuracy.


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I use comskip and it does a good job and TV Shows, but not so good on News and sports shows. Haven’t tried Showanalyzer yet. Do you know where it can be downloaded?

My version of Showanalyzer came with MCEBuddy. It asked did I want to use it.

You can find it in the installation directory of MCEBuddy under a folder called Extras

Thanks, I’ll give showanylyzer a try and see if it works any better.

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Vote: What works better for you

  • Comskip
  • ShowAnalyzer

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ShowAnalyzer is dead and has been for several years now. Comskip is still being maintained, so I’d rather the default when the “Install Comskip or ShowAnalyzer?” question is asked during install be to NOT install ShowAnalyzer, and to install Comskip by default.

i.e. reverse the sense of the question, because the “OK/Cancel” dialog is used and doesn’t have custom buttons for the user to pick.

I’ve not seen convincing information to indicate that SA is somehow orders of magnitude faster or better to be the preferred/default option by pressing “OK”. And it’s long since dead, abandoned, and orphaned.

No entirely true, ShowAnalyzer is still a very capable commercial detector and has a few unique features. Many folks have reported that ShowAnalyzer works better for them out of the box in some countries like UK.

The intent of the poll is to get feedback from users who are using it to see what works better for them.

I find Comskip works on the newer network and cable shows but ShowAnalyzer works better on movies, METV, Cozi, GRIT, AntennaTV, etc

I also find ShowAnalyzer works better on shows that go to side by side split screen with the show that ending credits in on side and the next show starting in the other side. (That annoys me when the stations do that.)

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I gave up on Comskip way back because it was killing encoding performance and screwed up subtitles (from closed captions). I haven’t tried SA but would be interested to hear if it improves on both of these areas.