OTA - PBS Shows

Hello all. My first post here, so be gentle if I accidentally break any rules or etiquette. :wink: I am a true Cable Cutter with only OTA and Web content. Right now, I only DVR OTA content and mostly PBS shows. The content is Recorded on a Windows 7 Media Center PC. MCEBuddy is installed on a separate 8-Core “Processing” PC and monitors the .WTV files from the MCE PC. After MCEBuddy finishes, it transfers the MP4 file(s) to my 92TB Media Server for viewing. Everything works beautifully, which is another reason why I do not want to leave Windows 7.

Here in SoCal, I am within range of 4 major OTA content Markets, so there is a lot of good choices for me since I am mostly a Documentary Junkie. PBS doesn’t run any Third Party Ads per se’ … BUT they do advertise THEMSELVES quite a lot - to the point of nausea really. And they are all exactly the same - asking for Money. These “Money-Beg” Ads (as I call them) are incredibly Long, running anywhere from 3 to 12 minutes in length. And they run them without regard to whether the viewer has already signed up as an ongoing “Supporter” or not. If you watch a lot of PBS as I do, this gets really annoying after a period of time. Comskip does not recognize these Money-Beg segments as Ads.

My question: is there anything I can do to force Comskip to recognize them as Ads and cut them out of the MP4? Actually, I am hoping that someone has already done this and might be willing to share their custom INI file with me. I have no idea as to how to custom modify a Comskip INI file. I am mostly a Hardware guy.

Thanks in advance for whatever help anyone may be able to provide,

So it’s been 3 days and 18 views and not a single comment? Am I completely alone in a quest such as this? Has no one else ever wanted to do this? Did I do something wrong, something offensive or break some kind of rule or etiquette? Or is there just not that much traffic here anymore? Sheesh!

Well, I have to say I’m getting a bit discouraged here. 8 days and 25 Views without a single Reply. Am I supposed to just declare this place a DEAD Forum and look elsewhere? Problem is, I don’t know where else to look! If there is a better place to go to get some help would someone please let me know where that is? I’d really appreciate that. Thanks.

I believe you already have the most common answer, you’ll need custom Comskip INI. You can check this page for come custom INI’s developed by the community or the Comskip forum for more community developed INI’s. Tuning Comskip and Custom Comskip INI's (Country / Channel specific)

Other options include:

  1. Develop you own custom INI using the Comskip INI GUI tool included with Comskip
  2. Use MCEBuddy Custom Cuts to manually mark the commercials to cut
  3. Use ShowAnalyzer included with MCEBuddy instead of Comskip to detect commercials. Some folks find better success with ShowAnalyzer compared to Comskip for some channels. It also has a built in GUI tool to adjust the commercial detection algorithm