Thank You MCE Buddy!

I Have Used MCEBuddy To Convert THOUSANDS Of Videos in my Lifetime!! Before i Was Able To Get Broadband I Would Record With My haupage TV Tuner And Convert Files! I Was Running Windows Media Center Windows 7 Version I Would Tether To My Phone To Receive The Meta Data And Program Guide! I Just Purchased MCEBuddy As A Thankyou For The Thousands Of TV Episodes And 100’s Of TV Series I Have Converted! Most On A Q6600 With An ATI 2500 Graphics card!! My Newer PC Is An I7 8700 With A Tesla P4 Graphics card! Videos That Took Hours To Convert Now Take Just Minutes!!
Before MCEBuddy I Was Manually Removing The Commercials After Conversion! MCEBuddy Has Saved me Hundreds of Hours Of Screwing Around Encoding TV Series!!! My Purchase Of MCEBuddy Is The Least I Can Do!! I Have Been Using A Free Fully Functional Version I Downloaded From Facebook Back In The Early To Mid 2000’s! Again I Say THANK YOU MCEBuddy TEAM!!!