Show Type Exclusion?

I’m trying to create a profile that encodes in high quality for Movies and shows/other, like concerts, but not for regular TV show.

Is there a ~TV Shows command or similar to be used?

You can filter by type in your conversion task (not profile, profiles are only for encoding parameters). You need to ensure that your metadata doesn’t mark it as a movie (by default all videos are considered as shows unless marked as a movie).

I may have to do the concerts manually. Since nextPVR doesn’t include channel info in the file name, i can’t use *MTV or ~NBC as a filter to skip the profiles.

You may have a NFO or some metadata file. What metadata is being read by MCEBuddy? You can find this in your conversion log file.

Here’s a few samples of what I’m trying to juggle.

In windows media center, the channel name (and I think maybe the channel number, too) was part of the file name.

With nPVR, its not. So its hit or miss on whether MCEBuddy can find metadata from other sources.

And many times what I’d consider a “concert” still has metadata of “show,” which doesn’t allow me to negative filter / exclude.

A few examples:

Austin City Limits: Its a regularly scheduled show on PBS. So I have the channel, but its a “show” so my “encode fast for shows” rule can’t be skipped. If I skipped PBS, I’d have “High QUality MKV” for Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, too.

For “Joss Stone With Special Guest Mavis Staples” it never finds any meta data.

For movies, MCEBuddy is doing a good job of picking the right profile to use based on “Show Type.”

And for current TV shows, like “Blackish” MCEBuddy is finding the network that it airs on through TVDB.

So I’m unclear how to move forward, other than to continue to manually delete the HQ encodes of TV shows and moving the HQ movies and concerts to their proper folders.

blackish.S04E06.First and Last.ts-HD Concert-2017-11-07T21-53-17.2207021-05-00.log (2.33 MB)

Austin City Limits.S36E11.The National; Band of Horses.ts-HD Concert-2017-11-08T03-14-05.0456827-05-00.log (8.92 MB)

You’re right without the channel metadata available while adding the file to the queue MCEBuddy can’t use the filters. You’ll have to find an alternative way based on show names or directories.

Have you tried to enable NFO metadata generation in nPVR?

I thought I had, but like an idiot, I didn’t implement it right.
Per the wiki, I added the line at the end of the Recording section of the XML.

I didn’t realize that higher up in the section, I had StoreSeparateMetaData set to false.

Not sure what the hierarchy is, but now they are set to True.

We’ll see what happens.

Ok, I solved my metadata creation by cleaning up the config file.

Looks like I can use the Genre tag to create some rules that would work for me.

Childrens stuff only gets low quality encoding.

Music gets HQ encoding.

Does MCEBuddy just read the info from the tag on its own? Or do I need to update the processes?


It reads the tags if they’re in the standard/supported format.