How to use NextPVR with MCEBuddy and Plex

Guide and script provided by KV-Tools

The script and directions is totally unnecessary. MCEbuddy does everything already if you set it up to do so…

Just set your MCEBuddy monitor path to the main folder you record in and the Search pattern *.ts. That’s all you have to do. MCEbuddy will watch that folder and folders under it for new TS files and process them.

Set your archive folder in the Expert Settings if you want to keep your original TS files. Exclude any thing you don’t want converted. I don’t convert my wife’s soap opera’s, big brother or news. I always set wait 2 hours before conversion. That’s just my preference.

Then under your MCEbuddy Conversion Task, leave the Destination blank and MCEbuddy will pull the Nextpvr recorded video’s, convert them, put the new file back, move the old one out to your archive if you want to keep it.

My main NPVR recording folder has my categories. Take note of the Classic Drama directory.

Then in NPVR I set up my category directories and NPVR puts the shows there.

This is the NPVR setting screen for my recording directories. Note the other settings like file naming.

Here is a recording setup. As you can see Barnaby Jones is going to put in the Classic Drama directory. Because I have my main recording directory watched by MCEbuddy, MCEbuddy will look in all the folders in it for new ts files.

As you can see MCEbuddy pulled the video TS out that NPVR recorded and put it back there on it’s own. It then moved the originally ts recording to my archive folder setup in MCEBuddy.

Inside the Classic Drama folder.

Here it is ready to view and watch in NPVR’s “What’s New” screen.

As you can see it is a “mp4” file, converted by MCEbuddy.

No extra script is needed. There’s no reason to use extra resources if it’s not needed.


So NPVR can play mp4s? I thought it was only able to play .ts files

No, it only records as transcripts stream (TS).