Different Profiles for Different Channels w / nPVR

I know MCEBuddy can do this, and I feel like I’m just overlooking something simple.

I recently started using nPVR (finally giving up on WMC) and things are humming along nicely. However, nPVR doesn’t include the Channel Name in the file names, so I cant use my old filters (AXS, ~*NBC, etc) to run different profiles.

I can’t seem to find the channel data in the .ts files that nPVR records, or a batch script that anyone has written to address this. I think it may require file renaming based on channel number, but I think that would cause issues since its just a number and the file names have date and time data. (ie recording Ch 22 at 10pm (2200) would cause a hiccup.

I’m sure I’ve just missed something simple.


Should I ask this is a different forum?

I believe you can configure nPVR to generate an XML file with metadata. Once you do that MCEBuddy will pick up the metadata from that file automatically. That should contain the channel information.

Have you seen this post?

I did, but I was looking for a solution that didn’t involve generating additional XML files just to process something that used to be automatically processed.

I also wasn’t 100% sure if the channel name was part of the metadata or if it was just part of the filename structure when WMC recorded.

I wish that NPVR had channel numbers or names as a parameter for recording.

Metadata is what describes the data (video), so channel is metadata, whether it comes from the filename or an XML file depends on your setup. MCEBuddy is setup to look for an XML file that contains the metadata.

Curious, what’s the issue with enabling XML for SageTV?

Cool, thanks.
Just wasn’t sure if the metadata covered the video content and file, or the source (channel) as well.

No real “issue” per se, other than not having needed to generate one previously to do the exact same thing.

Are you suggesting that I try SageTV rather than NextPVR?

No. Just depends on your needs. MCEBuddy supports them all. Each one has its own pros and cons.