How to Enable Metadata and XML on NextPVR


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Thanks to bmaaske for this information

If you want nPVR to create an XML file with the metadata and also rename the file in a manner such that MCEBuddy can extract the information from the filename and XML files use the following steps:

Enable nPVR to output a metadata XML file:

Add this line in the section of your nPVR config.XML file


Enabling File Naming in a format with Season and Episode information for MCEBuddy to extract. These options are set through the GUI in nPVR:

  • Use S01E01 file naming format if possible (Checked)
  • Use Move.Name.(Year) format for movies if possible (Checked)
  • Replace spaces with period character (Checked)

Use Schedules Direct for nPVR guide data

MCEBuddy can also use the default SHOWNAME_AIRDATE_AIRTIME file naming format to extract and download information from the internet. Refer to this thread for more information on metadata extraction.

Different Profiles for Different Channels w / nPVR
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