How to get NFO's and metadata and cover art from, and with NextPVR

If you would like to have NextPVR create NFO’s and cover art for your recordings, it is very simple to do.

First you will need to go over to NextPVR’s website and download a utility and run ImageGrabLite at NextPVR Documentation Wiki | Utility / ImageGrabLite

Uncompress the file and run imageGrabLiteSetup.exe, it will automatically install to the appropriate NPVR folders.

Next you will need to go to the NPVR data directory and open the Scripts folder (C:\Users\Public\NPVR\Scripts).

You will want to create a blank text file named PostProcessing and save it as a BAT file.

Inside that new blank file add this:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\NPVR\imageGrabLite.exe" --oid %3 --nfo

What this does is create XBMC compatible .NFO files using data from, and

To sum it up you will now have a file called PostProcessing.bat in the C:\Users\Public\NPVR\Scripts.

You can also add --rename to the command to have your recording filenames changed from the NPVR default to Series.S##E##.Episode. Movies will be renamed to MovieTitle (year) format.

To do that the command would be:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\NPVR\imageGrabLite.exe" --oid %3 --nfo --rename

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