Not generating (or I can't find) .nfo files

Hoping to find some help. I am finally migrating off WMC and evaluating Kodi + NextPVR as a replacement. I have a very large collection of .wtv recordings (tv shows) and discovered that while Kodi plays them fine, it does not appear to read the tags embedded in the files, hence no show title, description, etc. I am of the understanding that Kodi will either try to retrieve show information online or look for local .nfo files corresponding to the recording files. I’ve had no luck with the online retrieval option so am trying to find a program that will read the metadata in the .wtv files and generate the .nfo files. It appears that MCEBuddy should be able to do this however I’ve been unable to get it to work thus far.
I have a couple of .wtv files that I’ve copied over from my current WMC computer. I can see the metadata exists by viewing the files in File Explorer (title, episode name, program description are populated). As a test, I ran it through MCEBuddy with a conversion task using the TS Unprocessed profile (no ad remover). As expected, it created a .ts file in my target directory, however the .nfo file was nowhere to be found. I took a look in the log files and while I don’t know how to interpret all the entries, it appears to be finding title, subtitle, and description information, and I didn’t see an obvious error indicating it could not write a metadata file out. I’m thinking I’m missing a setting somewhere or not looking for the file in the right place (I expected it in the target folder and I tried doing a search for *.nfo on the computer). Or I’m wrong in my assumption that MCEBuddy generates .nfo files from the wtv metadata…
I’d appreciate any help or guidance on this. Thanks!
Ron Chin
P.S. By the way, I tried uploading one of the log files…first time posting in this forum, hope the upload worked!
Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television_KCTSDT_2022_01_10_11_58_00.wtv-ConvertToTS-2022-03-28T15-12-40.log (714.2 KB)

Check the Save information box in the Conversion Task → Expert Settings page

@Goose THANK YOU!!! I figured I was missing something basic! :slightly_smiling_face:
The .nfo file was generated and appears to contain the correct episode information!
Unfortunately when I copied the output files into the folder that Kodi is monitoring it hasn’t solved my issue with Kodi not displaying the show information but that is probably me doing something wrong on the Kodi end. (More digging…)
Anyway, thank you very much! Very much appreciate the help; I think I’m at least a step closer. If I can get the Kodi info display issue resolved I might finally be ready to begin the transition off WMC!