Skip renaming and rendering

I have been able to set up a command for renaming shows so that it is in correct folders and named the way I would like. However, I was wondering if there was a way to skip sports recordings all together. I want them to stay in the same folder and not be renamed or converted.

What setup are you using? If you file metadata includes information about the show then you can use the filters in the conversion task to select show types (movies, shows, sports etc) to select which types of shows to process.

I am using schedules direct to get show information. I have been using custom file naming to have it create folders for showname/season/ and then episode file. How would I set up selection filters

If it’s saving the show type information see my previous post on how to have MCEBuddy select the show type. You can attach the metadata file it’s saving here if you want us to take a look at it.

Yea I can share it where would it be located? If I select show type “shows” how would i save a different setting for show type “sports”. if I check or uncheck a box it keeps those settings for the other show types

Don’t know, it depends on how your set it up. Ideally it should have the same filename and be along with your video recording for MCEBuddy to pick it up. Typically a NFO or XML file is what is looks for, where is your Schedules Direct placing the metadata file?

I uploaded one of the xml files supplied by schedules direct. However, I dont think there is an issue with having correct show type information. I am having difficulty assigning different tasks to the different show types (movie, sports, tv shows). Tv shows are set up fine and go to correct folders but I am unsure how to tel MCEbuddy to skip transcoding on sports games.Family Guy-catalog.7z (286 Bytes)

I don’t think this is the file being used to extract the metadata. The file would have the exact same name as the video files with a xml or nfo extension that’s being read by MCEBuddy. This file doesn’t any metadata information in it about the recording.

To do different things with different types of shows, setup separate conversion tasks for each. I have 3 that all convert the same (MKV), but like you, put the movies in one place and TV shows in another, and sports recordings in another location.
Make sure you order them (right-mouse and then select move up or move down) so that the “All” shows conversion is last.

Thank you this is exactly what I needed to know