How does MCEBuddy detect Sports?

I’ve been recording auto racing lately and MCEBuddy doesn’t seem to recognize these as sports. The NPVR XML file has the genre as “auto racing”. Is it looking for specific types of sports, or does it require the word sports to be explicitly included?

Here’s a sample XML file generated by NPVR using Schedules Direct listings.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <filename>D:\NPVR Recordings\Formula E Racing\Formula E Racing_20210711_13001430.ts</filename>
  <startTime>2021-07-11 12:59:05</startTime>
  <endTime>2021-07-11 15:00:00</endTime>
  <title>Formula E Racing</title>
  <subtitle>New York City E-Prix</subtitle>
  <description>From the streets of Brooklyn, N.Y.</description>
    <genre>Auto racing</genre>

I’m currently using MCEB 2.5.5.

Any suggestions on how to process this as sports?


Can you attach your conversion log? Hopefully with debug on.

I see in my logs there is a “Force Show Type”. I’m not sure exactly how to set this. Also, it looks like Is Movie and Is Sports gets set after looking up metadata on internet. These are just guesses though.

Formula E Racing_20210711_13001430.ts-Convert to MKV-2021-07-11T15-01-08.log (3.3 MB)
Here’s the log for the race shown in my original post.

You can see it doesn’t recognize it as a sport, thus why I was asking what the logic is being used. I expect it to recognize the auto racing genre as sport.

The Force Show Type will force all shows in the monitored folder to be treated as sports, which is not the desired outcome.

Hopefully one of the devs can step in and share the program logic used to detect sports programs.

It looks for the word sports right now, we’re thinking about a generic way to allow consumers to modify the keywords in future.

For now you can create a separate conversion task for these recordings based on the filename or channel metadata and force that task to as Sports