Plex not seeing converted files in library

Old Lifetime subscriber using 2.5.8 Beta 4/14/23 I noticed the TV Series “The Cleaning Lady” recorded by PLEX with HDhomerun Comcast the episodes are recorded and the commercials removal is fine with MCE. Problem PLEX shows 8 recorded on the show folder but only 6 inside to view. I checked and all 8 working fine with VLC. PLEX is no help. So since they don’t use nfo’s it must be missing info on scanning them in. So how much would it cost for the New version? And will that fix it? It’s only that show all other recordings work fine on PLEX using MCE.
Not sure if this info helps I am using Windows 11 Pro with Nvidia Quadro Pro P2200 GPU card PLEX Lifetime. lately, Lifetime isn’t that definition anymore.

P.S. Sometimes it also doesn’t delete the original file

None of that worked :frowning: So I took the hit and paid for version 2.6.3 using comskip82_012 didn’t help with the TV show “The Cleaning Lady” Shows in the Plex folder but when you go in the episode is missing. Let me rephrase that its converted and in the folder but in Plex screen it shows 8 episodes but when you go into the season they are missing.
Also thought maybe I get more speed since I have Nvidia Quadro p2200 card

Converting 2 episodes at once the GPU shows 0 to 1% usage
CPU is 69%
Guess my card is not supported

Are you saying Plex only thinks there are 2 episodes when there are 8 files in the show folder?

Are you using custom renaming to put each show in its own folder, each season in its own folder, with each file named for the show name, season and episode, episode title, and air date?

Also, Plex indicates how many episodes are left that you have not watched. So are you sure you’re not seeing 8 episodes are there and youve watched 6, so only 2 are left marked unwatched?

Nothing has changed all my other TV shows are recorded and filed to Plex. So its not in the settings.
When in Plex click on the TV series “The Cleaning Lady” I have 3 seasons and on season 3 shows 10 episodes but when you open the folder it only shows 6
these photos are a couple of episodes ago. But you can see what I am talking about

Plex doesn’t use .nfo files. Plex does use folder naming structure and filenaming in figuring out what a file is.

Setup your Plex media folders someplace other than the recording directory and use MCEBuddy file renaming rules to move the processed file from the recording directory over to the proper folder (e.g. show name / season ## ) and the proper Plex filenaming convention, e.g. -S##E##-episodeTitle-..

Read the articles here on setting up filenaming rules for starters. What will happen is Plex will record the show, and you want MCEBuddy scanning that folder for new shows to be recorded, and then process them, and then move them to their proper place, named in a way that Plex will then be easily able to figure out what the show is and which episode it is from the filename.

See help here: Testing with Comskip donator build 0.82.012 and GPU - #7

TLDR; Use MCEBuddy file renaming to move and rename the processed file so that Plex can figure out the show, season, and episode from the folder and filename.