I have one show that Plex DVR cannot see after comskip and put in destination folder

I use MCEBuddy dontated version. Only one show that I OTA record that is renamed after commercial removal that my PLEX cannot see. I notice that these files are not renamed using “S00E00”, which is how PLEX sees these files. All other shows are named approprietly, only this one show. How do I change this? Please any help. I have looked online. I only read mentions about what to do but non that shows me what or how to do it :frowning: Thanks. Here is the log for this News show.:

Thank you all.

Your log file shows that you haven’t set any renaming pattern so it’s using the original filename after converting it

Rename by Series → False
Alt Rename by Series → False
Custom Rename by Series →

Make sure you select a renaming pattern

Here’s a simple fix that may help:

I’ve “Lost” a recording also. I found that the TV show I was recording was being categorized as a movie for some reason and I had to change that in both Plex & MCEBuddy to “show”.

Have you looked for the show in your movies folder?

Yes I took your advice and checked. No it is recorded and filed in my TVShow folder where it should be. But Plex just doesnt see the file. I dont know what to do. I changed the renaming feature that the previous poster suggested. And I did but still Plex does not see the file. Im at wits end.

I have a paid version of Plex and I experience the same issues to the point I use Channel DVR to record the shows from a high-quality internet connection rather than low-quality off the air connection via TVanywhere software, then I use MCEBuddy to remove the commercials, mark the file as Movie/Show with a matching IMDB name in proper format, and then finally, moved the new file to the appropriate Plex directories. This arrangement seems to work almost faultlessly.

I am very disappointed that Plex, a DVR software, limits recording to shows, movies and the like offered via Plex. I have no desire to use any services’ on-line DVR or On-Demand service, That’s why I bought Plex —To record shows and movies to avoid and/or reduce the cost of using these services.