Not scanning network drive

I have my network drive mapped and have the credentials setup. I can manually add files and they start fine but I can’t seem to have it scan and find any on it’s own. I’ve added .mkv to the list of searchable files. Basically I’m taking my 4k library and want to convert everything to a 720p stream for plex streaming.

Also while I’m here. If I have a 6800xt GPU and want to use it for some 720p streaming encodes what codec do I need to check? I have hardware acceleration checked but not seeing the usage.

See this topic on how to configure MCEBuddy to access network drives: MCEBuddy - Solution to Common Issues and Errors

If you open mcebuddy.log and start the bottom and work you way up you’ll see what’s going on

Ok. I’m seeing a “Directory name is too long” message. Is this for real an issue? The directory is nowhere near 248 characters long.

That’s an error reported by windows (mcebuddy is just logging it), it’s not able to process the files. Possibly the filename + folder path is too long.