No dialog, Center Channel removed from Encode

I’ve got a conversion task for TV Shows with the “Multichannel Audio” box checked, in hopes of preserving 5.1 audio for playback. It works great on most shows, however, for one show something isn’t working correctly. The show is Life in Pieces on CBS. I don’t record any other shows on CBS, so I’m not sure if its a network thing or not.

Upon playback of a converted episode, I can hear the intro music, and pretty much anything that would come out of the L and R channels in a surround setup. Nothing comes out the center channel. This is for watching the actual encoded file on a PC in VLC, where it shows 6ch audio, on Plex where it is transcoding the audio for 2ch output, and on Plex where it is doing a direct stream of 6ch audio on a surround sound system. They all effectively sound the same. No dialog, just some sound effects here and there… essentially the difference between L and R and nothing common between them. As an audio guy in a previous life, it sounds like acoustic wave cancellation, where one waveform is inverted and summed to another waveform, negating their common attributes and preserving the difference.

I don’t have this problem when “Multichannel Audio” is unchecked. I’m on version 2.4.8, up-to-date Windows 10. Anybody else seen anything like this?

Try to modify your profile to “copy” instead of reencoding the audio track. See one of the Unprocessed profiles for an examples or try the Unprocessed profile and that may suit your needs.