0 bit rate audio stream in unprocessed MKV output

My source file is a .TS file recorded from UK DVBT2 broadcast (hauppauge card). It contains an AVC video stream, AAC LC LATM audio stream and a text/sub stream.

When the file is converted using the MKV unprocessed setting I end up with a MKV file with a correct video stream but the audio stream is A_MS/ACM/1602The Nest (2020) - xS01E03.ts-Remux-2020-04-06T11-22-39.log (278.9 KB) with a 0 bit rate which does not play.

This happens regardless of whether the ‘select best soundtrack’ is checked or not. This issue does not happen for TS files with MPG audio.

Log attached. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Your source video has an AAC LATM format audio and you’re using an unprocessed profile, is audio and and video is copied without any conversion. There’s nothing wrong with the conversion, it’s producing the output as expected with a valid audio track.

The problem is most likely with your playback software. Most don’t support MKV with AAC LATM audio. Try using a different playback software or change your profile to recode the audio to a different format like AAC without LATM or AC3 etc.

This is the output from MCEBuddy. Looks fine to me.

-> Duration: 01:05:54.49, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 3349 kb/s
2020-04-06T11:23:32 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Base --> Stream #0:0: Video: h264 (High), yuv420p(tv, bt709, progressive), 1920x1080 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], 25 fps, 25 tbr, 1k tbn, 50 tbc (default)
2020-04-06T11:23:32 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Base --> Metadata:
2020-04-06T11:23:32 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Base --> DURATION : 01:05:54.492000000
2020-04-06T11:23:32 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Base --> Stream #0:1(eng): Audio: aac_latm (LC) ([2][22][0][0] / 0x1602), 48000 Hz, stereo, fltp (default)

Thanks for posting back so quickly. You are right! I was playing back in the native W10 app. It plays back fine in VLC. I should have tried that firs before posting.
Thanks again.