Any way to retain Dolby 5.1 when converting from a .wtv file?

So I started to really use MCEBuddy today and noticed that all my recordings with 5.1 were converted to multi-In. Is there any way to keep the Dolby 5.1 as I’ve seen it with TV shows that have been converted by other people or is it something no to worry about as it’s effectively the same.

Thanks for the help!

I’m assuming you mean WTV file and not WTS.

To retain the original multi channel audio check the option for Multi Channel audio in the conversion task setting. (by default this is unchecked to be compatible with the most number of devices). You can also play with volume levelling (normalization) settings in the expert settings page if you want to tweak it further.

It also depends upon what profile you’re using, most profiles support multi channel audio, a few device specific profiles may not support multi channel audio (to be compliant with device specs), if so the profile description will indicate that the audio will be downmixed to stereo.

Yeah I meant WTV. My current setting is mp4 High Quality with multi-channel audio selected. So should the Dolby 5.1 audio remain intact, or will it be converted to Multi-Chan? I am asking because every single file I convert to Mp4 ends up with my Receiver reading Multi-Chan vs Dolby Digital.

There is no such thing as multi channel. That’s just a way of saying more than two channels (stereo).

Multichannel audio have different codecs, AAC and AC3 (Dolby) are the two popular ones with each having many different sub types.

The MP4 profile creates AAC audio (if the source is multi channel e.g. Dolby 5.1 it will create a multi channel AAC audio track).

It’s possible your receiver doesn’t recognize AAC audio or it does and refers to it as generic multi channel.

If you want it to create Dolby instead of AAC then changes the profile parameters and replace aac with AC3. You can look at the MKV profile as an example as it creates Dolby audio.

If you want to copy the audio as is from the source then you need to replace aac with copy. Check out the MP4 Unprocessed profile as an example of how to create a pass (copy without modifying) through audio stream.

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Ok this helped. So as you thought my Receiver recognizes AAC audio as generic multi channel. I just switched to MKV and that solved the problem.

Thanks for the help!

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