Conversion for audio only

I am looking to do something ‘unusual’ with MCE Buddy.

I currently use it to convert video, but have come up with a use case for Audio only.

Some source videos I obtain are MKV X265 video, which is fine - that is what I want. However the audio can be different, I’ve seen EAC3, HE-AAC, AAC, AC3 5.1, AC4, EAC3 5.1

Most of my devices can play most of these audio formats, but sometimes lower end devices just can’t deal with them.

I am looking for a workflow to copy the existing video track with no changes, but convert the audio into a simple stereo or AC3 5.1 audio track that all my devices can play.


I was able to find a solution for this.

I created a custom profile that only does a ffmpeg copy video command, so the video remains unchanged but the audio is still coverted.

Seems to work nice and only takes a couple seconds per video.