Remux MKV with HD Audio to DVR-MS without 5 channel AC3?

I am looking for a tool that I can use to directly convert MKV files with HD Audio tracks into DVR-MS files with 5 channel audio without losing any real picture quality. I would also like metadata lookup if possible. Can I use MCE Buddy to accomplish this task? Thanks.

You want to convert MKV -> DVR-MS or DVR-MS -> MKV?

You can do the former but not the latter and yes you can also do metadata matching.

DVR-MS doesn’t support multiple channel audio AFAIK, WTV and MKV do.

I Have MKVs, and I want to turn them into either DVR-MS or WTV files with full metadata and multichannel audio. To be clear, you said MCE Buddy could or could not do this? Thanks for the help.

MKV -> WTV yes (not sure why you’d want to do it, but yes it can with AC3 audio). There are some limitations since WTV is a closed format, FF/RW is limited to 2x and thumbnails cannot be embedded at this time.

I want to do this because…

  1. The guide overlay, the recent channels list overlay, and sports and weather overlay (The last 2 via MMUI+) are only available with .dvr-ms and WTV files, which avoids confusion and leads to a consistent experience.
  2. Extender compatibility
  3. I want to preferably use a .dvr-ms container for maximum metadata compatibility. As you mentioned, I cannot embed cover art in .Wtv files and I think there are a few other bugs that were never ironed out. I’m assuming cover art can be embeded into a DVR-MS file but please correct me if I’m wrong.

I already have a commercial cutting program that works great but I may switch because both MCE buddy, and my current solution use Comskip. Videoredo, which I’m currently using DOES NOT SUPPORT transcoding a DTS track however. One more question though, would it be possible to take my MKV file with HD Audio (Either Dolby, or DTS), convert it to Wtv as you have already suggested, and then use Win 7’s built-in tool to conver THAT to .DVR-MS, and would I reap any benefits in terms of metadata by doing so? Thanks for all of your help, there is a lot to this, and I really do appreciate it.