Convert MP4 to WTV

I have a general question about MCEBuddy capabilities. I would like to view files recorded using PlayOn using Windows Media Center (Win 7). Can MCEBuddy convert MP4 files to WTV format? Thanks

I don’t think so. I think only WMC is capable of recording or playing WTV files. Pretty sure that MCEBuddy uses the WMC libraries themselves to access the WTV files.

Also, WMC is long dead, unfortunately. Have you considered other media servers? Plex is having a sale on their lifetime pass (good for the DVR features and if you want to view your media over the internet from outside your home network). You could also use Kodi or Emby or something else.

Does PlayOn give you any other option for either downloading the media files directly or can it transcode them to TS or MP4 or some other encoding that MCEBuddy can process?

Thanks. I have a lifetime pass for Plex and the equivalent for PlayOn. I’m not ready to give up on WMC as I find it is still the easiest to use with a cable card tuner. I’m just trying to find a way to integrate other video into the Recorded TV library module of WMC.

Sure you can, just pick one of the stock WTV profile (there are 3 of them depending on what you want) and it’ll convert anything to WTV. MCEBuddy can pretty much convert anything to anything.

@mike808 MCEbuddy uses lots of different ways to read, create, modify, update and extract information from WTV files including windows libraries, third party libraries and many custom built ones.

Sweet. Glad to hear that Microsoft’s clear documentation of the WTV format has been of use to third-party developers. :wink:

Thanks Goose. Downloaded the program and working my through the features. Converts MP4 to WTV like a champ. Trying to work out correct naming so the converted files end up properly integrated with other content. I’m liking it.