New to MCEBuddy - not working with tv shows

I am a new user of MCEBuddy. I have used Channels DVR for about 6 months now. I recently obtained a windows laptop, so I am trying to learn to use MCEbuddy. I have had pretty good luck getting it to work with movies, with only a few of the conversions not cutting out like 20 minutes of commercials. however, it refuses to recognize tv shows whether it is mpg or json file type. Since my main DVR server is on mac, I have to transfer the files on USB DRIVE. I have reached out to MCEBuddy, but I was wondering if there was another solution?

When you say it doesn’t recognize the TV shows, do you mean you’ve selected “Series” in your conversion task filter settings and the conversion task won’t pick the files which are “TV Shows”?
Didn’t quite understand your comment about the JSON type? MCEBuddy can extract metadata from MPG files to help it determine what type of recording it is or read that metadata from external files. Are you saying that your metadata is in an external file? If you can attach your mcebuddy.log file the json files it’ll help to see what’s going on. You can also open the log file and search for your tv show file names and it’ll show you what’s going on.

nope I checked it is not set to tv or movies it is set to all. However it is not recognizing tv shows. will post logs below

Please attach the file to your post rather than posting chunks as it’s becomes unreadable.

Did you open the logs and search for the filename of your recording not being picked up ?

Can you elaborate on the exact issue you’re facing?