Conversion Task Not Running

Love MCEBuddy! One day I’ll finally be able to make it run as smoothly as I know it can.

I’m having a Conversion Task not run, and I can’t figure out why. I have set up identical selection filters (or so I thought), but only one is running when a file is added to the Monitoring Folder.

Basically I’m using it for movies and concerts on TV, and want to have one mp4 with stereo audio file and one mkv with multichannel audio file. Can’t seem to figure out what I was doing wrong.

At first I had my show type set to “All” so I tried changing it to “movies” but is still not kicking in.

Log and screenshots of my settings attached. I’m using NextPVR, generating XML files that do have the channel name and genres in there. (attached for a different movie. sorry, deleted the one for Road House) (1.4 KB)


Road.House.(1989).ts-Movie to MP4-2019-03-08T11-20-25.0775539-05-00.log (244.7 KB)

You cancelled the conversion:

ERROR> 2019-03-08T11:21:28 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Base --> Job cancelled, killing process

Is a file isn’t being picked up go through
MCEBuddy.log to see what’s going on (search for your filename)

I cancelled this conversion because it was the “Movie to MP4” which I know works. But the “HD Multi Channel” conversion task (left image) isn’t running and I cant figure out why.mcebuddy.log (5.1 MB)

Here’s the most recent log, showing a few cancelled conversions for the “Movie to Mp4” task, but still not being picked up by the “HD Multichannel” task.

mcebuddy.log (5.2 MB)

A quick re-install cleared the logs.
While it didn’t pick up the file for conversion via the monitoring folder (not sure why it still says it was converted and cancelled if I got rid of the logs), I was able to drag the file into MCEbuddy (like I had been doing), and have both profiles run on it.

If the monitor task isn’t picking it up means some rule isn’t matching. If you search MCEBuddy.log for the specific file you think it should be picking it up, you’ll see why it wasn’t picked up. The log file logs the reasons for which rules aren’t matching.