.wtv files don't seem to be converting

hi all,

I’m new to mcebuddy so I apologize in advance if I’m doing something wrong. I use windows media center to record live tv shows. since windows media center does not let you save recording to a NAS/Networked hard drive, my goal is to convert the .wtv files to .mp4 and then run a batch script to move them to my plex server when I’m done, or something like that…

I set up my monitor location and the conversion task. I think the only other setting I adjusted from the default settings was that I set the profile to “MP4 High Quality”.

I’m not seeing any of the converted records in the location I set for the conversion task.

I’m using mcebuddy 2.4 beta 9.

pc - windows 7 pro

here’s my log:
mcebuddy.log (810.4 KB)

thanks for any help!

Destination Path -> F:\Converted Recordings

If F drive is a mapped drive then it isn’t available to MCEBuddy because MCEBuddy runs in system context and the mapped drive is only available in the user context, instead put the absolutely network path and then enter your network path credentials using the little key icon next to the path name. See this Topic, 2nd FAQ:


the F: drive on my system is a local drive.

Can you attach your file conversion log, that will show in the end of the log where is the file is being put of if the destinations folder isn’t accessible.