Mismatch of EDL files

I have been trying to run down the root cause of some terrible COMSKIP work, and I have possibly figured something out. Need to know opinions about what I am seeing.

I use NextPVR for recording shows, and I have started using Parallel Processing to run COMSKIP at the same time as the recording. This was presumably to save time so that MCEBUDDY did not have to run COMSKIP after the show was over.

However, I noticed that the EDL file in my NextPVR directory (where the raw TS File is) was slightly different than the file where the post-MCEBuddy file is held. It seems that the raw file finished after the MCEBUDDY file was created.

Here’s what I think could be happening, is this a plausible situation:

I run COMSKIP at the same time as the show records. Looks like (for whatever reason) that COMSKIP finished 8 minutes after the show started.

I have MCEBUDDY set to start 3 minutes after a file is createdm and I use CHAPTERS for Commercial Skipping rather than running COMSKIP. It’s possible that MCEBUDDY is using the initial commercial list rather than the final one that COMSKIP creates after final analysis.

COMSKIP then writes the final file when it is too late for MCEBUDDY to use it.

So, my questions are:

Is this a plausible situation?

Would it be possible for MCEBUDDY to copy the EDL file just before it is needed (after the analysis and conversion is done) so that the most current version is always used?

I know it’s possible to fix this by delaying longer before I start MCEBUDDY, but that defeats the purpose of doing COMSKIP in parallel to save time. Ideal case is that the use of the final EDL file can be leveraged only when needed.