EDLP not being used

I’m having an issue where the points that commercials are being removed there is anywhere from a second to four or five of commercials being left. I was able to haphazardly solve this by using the edl_offset function in Comskip. However I’ve been running into the same thing using ShowAnalyzer after experimenting which leads to the conclusion that it’s occurring whenever MCEBuddy is removing the segments.

I have read in the special parameters that using EDLP may solve this as opposed to EDL. I’ve set ForceEDLP=true along with the output_EDLP in Comskip. However MCEBuddy still skips the EDLP file and uses the EDL instead.

My files are coming from Plex DVR which records it in the TS format. According to the same page, it defaults to EDL for TS and EDLP for all others. Does that mean that I have to convert the video first to another format and then use EDLP? Maybe someone can help me understand that workflow. TIA

Can you attach a conversion log for a conversion task this occurred on? We should be able to tell what happened based on it.

I have uploaded my Comskip Log, my MCEBuddy Log, and then my EDL/EDLP files to show that they are being generated. As you can see in my log, it says: INFORMATION> 2021-02-23T18:36:39 MCEBuddy.CommercialScan.Scanner → Skipping EDLP, using EDL file for commercial removal.

It does not say a reason for skipping it, such as file not found. Just odd that it’s skipping it.

Gunsmoke (1955) - S11E27 - Harvest.edl (102 Bytes) Gunsmoke (1955) - S11E27 - Harvest.edlp (124 Bytes) Gunsmoke (1955) - S11E27 - Harvest.log (81.1 KB) Gunsmoke (1955) - S11E27 - Harvest.ts-PlexDVR INSP-2021-02-23T18-34-46.log (1.5 MB)

That is strange that you have it set to ForceEDLP and it skipped it anyway. @Goose can probably help figure this one out better than I.

Thanks for reporting this. It looks like there was a bug which was preventing MCEBuddy from using the EDLP file. This has been fixed in today’s 2.5.6 BETA build. Try it out and it should fix your issue.

Thank you! It’s definitely using the EDLP file now which corrects that issue.

But my original issue is still present, the EDLP didn’t fix it as I originally hoped. I’ll create a separate post for that.