Will process exclusively with EDL if present, not so

I have an EDL with matching filename in the source folder to the video source. When I allow MceBuddy to process the video it doesn’t utilize the EDL it just does it’s typical ad scan, etc. Is there a settings change required? I read in docs if an EDL is present MCE should utilize it which precludes any other ad scan processing. MCE becomes just a parsing/assembly tool leaving a commercial cut video output. What gives?

What Ad removal option have you selected in the conversion task settings? If you’ve picked None it won’t use the file, any other option it will use the file. If you only want to use the file then select Use existing markers

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I had comskip chosen. Using “existing markers” did the trick, thank you!

It should work with either, if it’s not working with Comskip please attach your conversion log file and we’ll check it out. The exiting markers options is to exclusively use only the EDL file, with Comskip or Showanalyzer it’ll first check for EDL files and if it doesn’t find it then it’ll run the detection program.

@Goose, you are correct EDL’s do work with either setting. Don’t know why it wasn’t before, is now. Did upgrade to 2.5 beta.