MCEBuddy Client Setup - Ubuntu via WINE

MCEBuddy is running on Windows 10. I use NoMachine to remote in from Ubuntu desktop to monitor and control processes. I’d like to use the MCEBuddy Client. I’ve attempted to install via Wine but when I run, I’m unable to get a configuration window to pop open.

Is there an INI file it is looking for? And if so, can I pre-populate with my server IP:Port?

I’d be happy to donate more for a Browser based setup so it would be OS independent and let me check on running processes.

A screenshot may help. Are you saying the MCEBuddy windows doesn’t open under Wine or it opens but it isn’t able to connect to the remote engine?
If it’s the latter see the Remote Client Guide on configuring the remote client to connect to a remote engine (windows 10 machine).

When you click SETTINGS, nothing happens. I assume it does a DLL call to a nice pretty GUI to fill in server settings. Screen shot wouldn’t help as you simply see what we see every day on the server.

And just to say this… I’m using Ubuntu 16.04 on a Dell Inspiron Laptop. Once I had converted to Windows 10 and found I had no control over updates, I looked for something else. Ubuntu runs circles around Windows 10. So I’m tired of the Microsoft environments. That’s why I put the plug in for something OS independent. If I didn’t have my Plex DVR & MCEBuddy configured nicely, I’d do a system refresh with Ubuntu. But, it’s easier to build from the ground up so when I have disability, that’ll be my next project. I so want to be off of Windows.

fixme:ole:RemUnknown_QueryInterface No interface for iid {00000019-0000-0000-c000-000000000046}

This is from the debug window during app startup. I assume I have to manually add inet drivers. Almost wish I could recompile the application instead of trying to wrap it in a virtual machine.

You need to install .NET for WINE. MCEBuddy requires .NET version 4.0 client or higher