Linux / Ubuntu MCEBuddy Support

I use MCEBuddy on my two windows machines. However, I have a 24 core Xeon machine that has Ubuntu 18.03 LTS. I’d love the ability to use this machine with MCEBuddy since it is way more powerful than my other windows machines. I know I can compile comskip for linux, but currently MCEBuddy only supports windows.

Are there any plans or ways currently to use MCEBuddy on linux/ubuntu?

Offering an opinion since nobody else did.

Why not run MCEBuddy in a virtual machine running windows on the xeon machine?

I’ve thought about that option with VirtualBox. I’d rather not have to purchase a separate Windows 10 license to run MCEBuddy on my xeon machine and I dont want to have the overhead, if possible.

Wouldn’t it be easier to create a mono compatible version of MCEBuddy?

I’m not sure you’d need to purchase a license. You can do a lot without registering a copy.

And while I don’t want to promote any sort of questionable behavior, lets just say that there are other ways to get a copy of Win10 for very, very cheap or free.

@Goose, can you provide source code for MCEBuddy so I can try to compile a mono supported version? If not, can you pack the latest beta to support mono via

MCEBuddy can’t run on Linux for a variety of reasons. Starting with the underlying programs do not all support Linux (remux tools, ShowAnalyzer etc)

Ok comskip and handbrake are supported. Do we need remux tools for wtv files? Anyway to compile a minimal build with the features that are supported? Or use MONO to use the current code set? I tried to start the mcebuddy.servicecmd.exe process with mono , but got segfaults

This topic seems to have stopped about 2 years ago Has anything been done to bring LINUX into MCEBudy operations? I could see MCEBuddy running on Windows but the comskip function (COMSKIP or HANDBRAKE) would run on a LINUX machine: move the file to a shared folder where LINUX could fire up COMSKIP or HANDBRAKE? The LINUX machine could check the folder at intervals (via cron) and when a file is found, move it to a different folder and run the commercial skipping program. When through, the process could move it to yet another directory to indicate the file has been processed and MCEBuddy could finish whatever is left to do.

a CLI-only version would be nice - which would adapt (more) easily to linux. :slight_smile: