Incorrect Metadata Extraction for rebooted series

I have been using MCEBuddy for a while but recently switched to NextPVR for my recording. It works fine but when I have a show that is a reboot of another show, i.e. MacGyver, it extracts the meta data but then grabs the 1986 episode information instead of the 2016 premier. This isn’t a major issue other than it throws off my Plex Server. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Attach your conversion log. You could create a custom rule in the metadata correction page to change the Title to something that MCEBuddy can match on the internet. Your log file will you where it’s pulling the information from, you’ll have to see on that website how the 2016 series are “titled” and then you can create a metadata correction for the title to match the new series.

Here is the conversion log file. It sees the “Title” from the recording metadata but it only matches the season and episode number and ignores the title.MacGyver.S02E06.Jet.Engine.&.Pickup.Truck.ts-Convert to (1.3 MB)

The Title of your show from the filename is MacGyver where as on TVDB the new series is called MacGyver (2016)

Do a metadata correction and setup a rule in the Conversion Task Expert Settings to change the Title from MacGyver to MacGyver (2016) and it should fix your issue.

I may have found something. NextPVR had a setting that changed spaces to periods. I have changed that - I’ll see if that makes a difference.

It’ll help with the subtitle matching but it won’t solve your issue. See your log file, it tells what you title is being matched by TVDB (see the season and episode number and compare it to the SubTitle)

is there a way to get it to view the title along with the SxEx?

It is matching the Title, which according to TVDB is MacGyver (the 1985 version), the 2016 version is called MacGyver (2016) hence you need to correct your Title to match what’s on TVDB.

Okay - let me try the changes you mentioned above

That worked - thank you for your help!

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