How to remove the first 3 seconds of each video from PlayOn?

Hello guys, a newbie here, just installed MCEBuddy.

The reason I went to MCEBuddy is because I read somewhere that I can remove the first 2-3 seconds PlayOn put on each recording saying my email, IP, etc. I can’t see how to accomplish this. I being playing with the settings for a couple of hours but don’t find anything like “trim”. My videos don’t have commercials (Netflix, Amazon Video, etc) I just need to remove those 2-3 seconds of each video. How I can accomplish that? I appreciate any help.

You can do this manually by using Custom Cuts (which is great and easy to use).

Short of that, I think you can hardcode Comskip to cut the first x many seconds from any given recording. If you don’t want that behavior all the time, you can assign a custom comskip.ini per a given conversion task. Good luck!

If you want to cut a fixed number of seconds at the start or end of the video you can set that option in the Conversion Task -> Expert Settings page


Old thread, newbie here on a search. Is this settings panel on the current free trial, or do I need to buy? (which I plan on doing). Trying to find where to skip first 3 or 5 seconds of a recording (Playon intro).

The trial and paid version are identical in terms of features. It’s there.

Found it!