Removing Playon notification at the beginning of movies

I am new to MCEBuddy. After installing I found that only about 50% of movies had the Playon notification removed. I have read that you can set a “start cut” time that specifically cuts the amount of seconds from the beginning of a movie. What specifically has to be done to accomplish this? What would I put in the start cut box to trim 4 seconds? Is there a better way?

So for 4 seconds, would the correct number sequence be 4 or 04? Also, since I am not removing commercials, can I disable Comskip commercial detection to speed up the conversion?

04 and 4 are the same. If you’re using PlayOn commercial markers then Comskip is never run. Make sure you set it Use ad markers in Commercial removal and Check chapter for Ad markers in expert settings if you don’t want the Comskip fall back option otherwise it won’t process the ad markers.

Thanks for your help. One last question. If I am using MCEBuddy to only remove the play on notification, and these files are 720, what setting what do you suggest I use for quality. I am currently using the normal quality setting.