Detect PlayOn Intro and Outro in movies

So I’ve been using MCEBuddy with my Playon and for the most part it works well, but I only started using it after a year or so of using PlayOn. So my media library is a mix of videos that have been cut and haven’t. Is there a way to have MCEBuddy detect if the PlayOn image they put on the beginning or end of a video is present, and if so cut it? Right now it only cuts them if I set a begging cut and ending cut in the export settings, Showanalyzer, ComSkip, and detecting markers don’t cut these (or ads) from movies from channels like HBO.

I had a similar issue. Ended up writing a batch file that used VLC to take a snapshot as a jpeg 3 seconds in so I could identify which files needed to be trimmed. I wish I still had the batch file so I could give you the VLC CLI commands but it was similar to this:

Good luck

Start trim isn’t currently working on 2.5.6, unless I misconfigured something : Start Trim not to Keyframe, causing "no video" on output

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