How to minimize render time with trimming videos?

So I’m running mcebuddy on a i5 no integrated graphics no hyper threading but it DOES have a GTX1080. I’m trying to take videos and cut the first 10 and last 8 seconds off and do it in a minimal amount of time. I have enabled hardware decoding and set it to the GPU and I have setup the cuts in the menu and turned off commercial detections (none in the videos). Its pinning my CPU at 100% and the GPU is at 8% the whole time and each video is taking upwards of 10 mins. They very in size but all are H.264 and all are 720p is there any settings I’m missing or should change to help better use my hardware or shorten the time it takes at least?
Thanks for any help

Use an Unprocessed profile (it won’t decode, just copy) and a SSD disk for the source/temp/destination folders.

YOU ARE THE BEST!!! thanks again!