Video conversion performance question

I just installed the 2.4.8 version of MCEBuddy on Windows 10-64 bit,
with an EVGA GTX 1060 graphics card installed. Hardware acceleration is enabled in the
MCEbuddy profile, using the Nvidia methods.
Looks like it’s using it too according to the log, I found the h264_nvenc line in the conversion log.
So it took 12 minutes to convert to mp4 using the default quality settings, for a 30 minute news program at 1080i native resolution from the .TS source file generated by NPVR.
Is this “fast” or “slow” according to your experience?
I thought it would be faster with the new hardware that I have.

That sounds about right, the performance can depend on what filters your profile is using to process the video.

Maybe @Will_Tschumy @techpro2004 can share their experiences

It seems roughly right (if a little slow) - I think I get about 12-14 minutes to do an hour long 1080p show with commercial removal - about 40 minutes of actual content. You might check the task manager to see if the video card is really being used during conversion and then tweak from there.

Good luck! Will.

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