GPU pegs out at 30%

I was checking GPU usage on a whim and noticed that every conversion is only using 30% of the GPU on my AMD 5700G. I checked everywhere I can think of looking for a setting that would increase the GPU utilization to like… 75% or something.

How can I do this?

If you are using H.265, I think that it mostly uses CPU even if you have NVENC on Nvidia, so I assume it might do the same on AMD cards. I find that H.264 generally uses much more of the GPU. FYI, the GPU adds a good amount to the file size, so CPU encoding isn’t quite so bad in that respect. I read that the RTX 4060 SERIES has ADA LOVELACE platform and GPU is capable of producing CPU like results in quality and file size. I am going that route and will post the results if Amazon ever sends me the card. I am going to put it in an Asus motherboard with PCIE 3.0 but doubt that will change encoding performance.

I did a few more tests… I ran 3 simultaneous conversions and it still set around 30% GPU. I did a conversion from an MKV to MP4 with and without hardware acceleration. Both the same size. This doesn’t kill me at all since I’ve been using mcebuddy for years now. It just seems strange to me.

It’s not the container that matters but rather what’s being done during the conversion that determines how much hardware GPU is utilized. See this post