Custom Cuts - Recommended hardware, settings, etc

I may have raised a similar question before but it’s been some time and wondering if anyone has learned anything useful in regards to best hardware to run custom cuts.

I regularly run into a couple issues with the tool, which I’ll mention below, but also wanted to point out that I’ve tried it on a couple different machines which vary OS from win10 to win11, and also video cards from intel onboard, to (older) NVidia and ATI cards and I tend to see different results.

The problems I run into:
I have TS files and sometimes MP4 files. The MP4 files I’d say about 1/3 of the time freeze as I’m navigating through the videos looking for the spots to mark. I should clarify I almost never use the clipboard sync which has been mentioned as a possible issue. In these cases I save my current cuts, and reopen and continue. Sometimes the video will freeze 2 or 3 times, but that seems more often on say 2hr recordings.
It probably has happened with the TS files, but much more common on the mp4.

The other issue I run into is delay, I’ll be jumping using ctrl arrow, then shift arrow, then arrow and occasionally I’ll have to sit up to 30 seconds for the video to catch up. I actually did some cuts on a show last week where when I went to watch the show they seemed off. Still had the original and opened it in custom cuts again along with the saved edl and some of the latter cuts were a good 20-30 seconds off. The only way this would happen is if I thought the arrow click had completed the redraw and marked it. But I was off on at least 3 start-end marks.

Anyway, back to hardware. Reason I ask the question if anyone finds any specific hardware works well, is that of the 3 systems I’ve tried, the most responsive is the one using the intel onboard video. It’s actually a mini-pc, but I’m almost puzzled why it’d work better than the other 2 systems, though they have both dedicated video cards plus the cpu has video and not rightly sure which it’s using, but hardware wise both are better cpu, more memory than the mini-pc.

WTH… is anyone in support going to answer his question? I would like to see some solutions. my problem is trying to view some MP4 files I’m getting the same thing too of studdering video when I’m viewing the file for commercials to marked them. it appears that when i look at the file on windows media player or vlc. the video is fine. Not sure what player that Custom Cuts is using. is there something that this player is getting interference from. is there a way to tweak it with or force custom cuts to use a different player? I read somewhere but now i cannot find it about a codec issue or i need to add one. so please someone answer. other then that i haven’t had any issues of running mcebuddy to remove commercials automatically but certain recordings I need to manually remove them myself. but with this media’s video studdering issues its not helping