Custom Cuts GUI crashes when attempting to open some shows

I’ve found for quite a few shows that I need to do custom edits as Comskip does a poor job (really wish I would’ve found that out before I paid for Comskip). Not a big deal, but annoyingly opening recordings from some networks crashes Custom Cuts GUI. Basically any time I try to edit a show from TBS the GUI crashes. Sometimes it’ll open on the third or fourth try. Other times I’ll try 20 or so times before I give up and either A.) let Comskip mangle the cut or B.) Have it skip the commercial cut and then once it’s converted open the converted file in Custom Cut GUI and edit out the commercials. Then running it through as unprocessed.

Can you upload a copy of the video causing the issue to our servers so we can replicate and see what’s going on?

Instructions here:

Its every video I record from TBS (along with occasional recordings from other channels). Rather than uploading a full episode I recorded a few minutes of a random TBS show, made sure it has the issue, and am uploading it now.

Thank you for your assistance

Thanks for the sample. I tried opening on a few different computers here using Custom Cuts and they worked fine without any issues.

I did notice however that the quality of recording isn’t very good, there are many signal artifacts, it looks like the signal is corrupted and has lots of video errors in it.

CustomCuts uses the filters from Windows to render/play the videos. We use clean installs of windows with no codec packs installed in our machines here. I’m going to guess that the codecs on your machine are causing the crash because they aren’t able to handle the corruption in the video signal. We don’t recommend users installing any codec packs except for FFDShow, see this FAQ for details: Codec Packs cause crashing of WMP/WMC

Do you have any extra codecs/codec packs installed? You may want to try using a clean machine with the stock MS/Windows codecs to see if it still happens.