Codec Packs cause crashing of WMP/WMC


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Do NOT install codec packs like KLite and Shark007. These are mostly hacks (and sometimes dangerous) codec packs that destroy the windows setup.

If you’ve installed these codec packs and try to use WMP, WMC or any products that use Windows Media Foundation, they will CRASH. These codec packs pretty much destroy the registry and mess up Windows media foundation.

The only SAFE codec pack (that plays by Windows rules without hacking the registry or destroy the system) is FFDSHOW. It plays VERY well with Windows and can have a clean uninstall if required.
You can downloads FFDSHOW from:

If you happen to have installed KLite or Shark007, try to uninstall them (best of luck, likely windows is permanent damaged). If it does not work, use this tool to try and repair/reset the default Windows Media Foundation settings and disable the codec packs.

If that does not work, reinstall Windows. MCEBuddy has NOTHING to do with these crashes, the mp4, wtv, mkv files are ALL FINE, codec packs are responsible for the crashes.

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