WTV Profile FAQs and Common Issues

If WTV files don’t playback in Windows Media Center (MCE) or Windows Media Player (WMP) then uninstall KB2670838, if installed.

All WTV profiles are WORKING starting version 2.3.15. So please update to 2.3.15 or later to use WTV profiles.

WTV profiles in versions prior to 2.3.15 are BROKEN (including 2.3.13) and only work with some systems.

As of 2.3.15 MCEBuddy can support both H.264 and MPEG2 in the WTV container

The stock 3 WTV profiles options are:

  • WTV Unprocessed - stream copy the source video (MPEG2 or H264) and audio
  • WTV - Stores H.264 encoded video in WTV (v2.3.15+) (v/s MPEG2 encoded video prior to v2.3.15)
  • WTV Legacy - This are for compatibility with older extenders like XBox, Ceton Echo, Linksys DMA2100 etc which don’t support H.264 in WTV. This stores MPEG2 encoded video in WTV

Other features of WTV Profiles as of 2.3.15

  • XBox 360 can now playback WTV files created by MCEBuddy
  • Hardware encoded H.264 WTV (using MP4 profiles and handbrake-remuxto=.wtv option) can now be played back by Media Center and XBox 360