Crashes with DPC Watchdog violation

Unable to use the software after new update keeps crashing my computer with Blue Screen , DPC Watchdog violation
NOTE: Don’t forget to attach your mcebuddy.log (3.5 MB) conversion log or MCEBuddy.log file as appropriate

MCEBuddy cannot crash windows, it’s an application, at most it’ll be terminated by windows. Only device drivers or failing hardware can cause a blue screen and video processing puts a lots of stress on hardware and drivers.

The DPC violation is a error message from Windows about a bad driver or related hardware. From your logs it looks like MCEBuddy tries to use your Nvidia graphics driver for encoding and that’s what’s causing the crash. Disable hardware encoding in the conversion task and if the crash goes away then it’s a bad graphics driver, otherwise it’s most likely a failing hardware (memory or hard disk).

Thanks Goose, I will disable hardware encoding and give it another try. FYI the graphics card is brand new. Maybe a driver issue?

Thanks goose I will disable a try again. The graphics driver is brand new, maybe the drivers?

could easily be the issue - something like ddu to uninstall the driver fully before you reinstall the driver

HW acceleration is pretty tricky - if you’re on NVidia, try the 419 version of the drivers - NVIDIA DRIVERS NVIDIA Creator Ready Driver

I’m running those on a RTX 2060 for my MCEBuddy / Plex box

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thanks, I’ll give it a try

To be sure, select the advanced install path and then choose clean install. Good luck!