2.3 Service keeps crashing

I am have some ‘frustrations’ with MCEBuddy 2.3 literally crashing/service stopping

mcebuddy.log (207.5 KB)

Both MCEBuddy & the WTV files are on an SSD,

I am not sure what about the file is wrong,… as it had the comericals taken out manually like all the rest with VideoReDo TVsuite5 (quite literally the only freeking editor that can edit WTV & not inflate HD content file sizes), and no player on my system(s) have an issue with the video file either.

2.3 isn’t supported actively. The place to start seeing the reason would be the windows Logs. It’ll show what module crashed.

Most likely reason for a crash is corrupted hard disk either in the source video file,

Temp folder or where MCEBuddy is installed. A clean install or different hard disk usually is the fix.

Beyond that there have been over a 1000 bug fixes and improvements since 2.3 so can’t really say.

A crash with the latest version is pretty much exclusively related to corrupted hard disks.

I looked it up (like I should have done first)

Though I do want to say… I’m rather ‘annoyed’ as the drive is clean & an SSD w/ no HW faults ( routinely used for transferring the WTV files via another PC, to plex storage & editing wait on anoher drive, and other heavy duty RAW captures )
– Comes back clean

Error being 7031
error7031mcebuddy.txt (973 Bytes)

I’m more inclined to believe it’s the video file… sort of (as it was processed through VideoReDo suite 5) and no other player or interaction has issues with it.
– & given that I purposefully set MCE buddy to rename only & I know the metadata is fully in tact. [using custom scripts with powershell to access & rename files to base levels (showname-episode name) incase of failures of MCEbuddy or others to get the Season & Episode ]

I’ve no problems else where… is the program unable to handle sync failures even on renaming? (there are a few files with missing audio syncs because of how comericials where cut out, & even fewer with video syncs missing, not that it provides any real problem to any player)

Not sure if we can dig deeper into this, like @RBoy said there’s been over a 1000 bug fixes and enhancements since 2.3