Help with UNC file group

I have MCEBuddy setup to convert TV recording from emby on a network store using UNC paths. The conversions are working well. However, upon completion the group access settings are incomplet. The incoming file as full access permission for a user called “admin” and group “wheel” and “admin” (yes “admin” is both a user and a group). The converted file has full access permissions for user “admin” and group “wheel”. Access permissions for group “admin” are missing. How do add these automatically after processing please?

MCEBuddy tells Windows to inherit the permissions for the destination file from the source file. If the destination folder doesn’t have the same inheritance permissions as the source then it may not be carried over by Windows.

In my case, the destination folder is the same as the source folder, and the folder has the same permissions as the file, i.e., it includes both the “wheel” and “admin” groups with full access permissions. Yet the converted file is missing the “admin” group permissions. It sounds like this deviates from how it is supposed to work, but maybe I am missing something.

You need the containing directory to apply inherited group permissions, not just owner permissions.

In a Unix/Linux O/S (this sounds like BSD, with a “wheel” group), you would need the containing directory to have the setgid permissions bit set, not just the setuid bit. Review the help for the chmod command and the setgid permission.

The share is set up on a FreeNAS Server using the samba service. I set ACL permissions for the dataset within FreeNAS for group “admin” to “Full Control” and flags to “inherit”. It is my understanding that once ACL permissions are set, I should not be messing with chmod.

EDIT: Doesn’t the fact that the .ts recorded file have all permissions indicate that the group inherit works just fine on the windows side. It is only after MCEBuddy processes the file and copies it back to the source directory that the permissions are incorrect. I am not saying that I am not doing something wrong but I am certainly not understanding. I am also hesitant being too generous with the command line because I am worried about messing up the server.

Ah. Might be that MCEBuddy performs a “move” or “rename” operation from the temp processing directory, and so the file would have the defaults from that directory when the “move” happens.

That would be different than if MCEBuddy is performing a “copy”, and thus requiring double the space for what may be very large files.

Maybe check the perms on your temp folders where MCEBuddy is processing the temp files.

What you propose makes sense. However, I am failing to add permissions to the temp processing folder for the “admin” group on the FreeNAS server because the server is not recognized as a valid windows network machine. In other words, it does not show up as a computer under “network” in Windows Explorer. And when I try do add security permissions for the group, I cannot select the server under “Locations” of the file properties -> security -> add pane.

So after ditching Windows Server for FreeNAS, I no longer use Active Directory and it seems that this is the reason why I can no longer add permissions for network users. For workgroups, the approach seems to be to recreate the groups and users on the local machine. Here I failed because Windows does not let me create a group “admin” with the same name as the user “admin”. Maybe this is what is causing the issue. If this is the case I hit a limitation of the Windows OS and I may have to live with the incorrect permissions.