Filter by Video Resolution

It would be great if we could filter by video resolution for conversion tasks.

As mentioned in a previous thread, I have to use the “edl_offset” parameter, and the amount varies between SD and HD content. Being able to filter based on video resolution would save me the hassle of creating different profiles for each show/movie. I’m recording via Plex DVR and unfortunately they do not include the channel name in the recording itself.

The more I’ve been tweaking MCEBuddy profiles based on source the more I find that this would be very helpful. My higher resolution content I would likely want to process through my HEVC 10bit job, 720 though my HEVC job and everything lower through my MKV Unprocessed job just to switch it over to mkv.

This feature has been added in today’s 2.5.6 BETA build. It’s limited to video width as height is often non standard due to cropping.

That’s perfect! Thanks so much.