Conversion Task Filters

Is there a way to filter conversion task by video resolution?

I’m having an issue with the EDL being generated by Comskip is off by so many frames so it catches the last .5 seconds of commercials. I’ve been successful in correcting this using the “edl_offset” parameter in Comskip. However, the difference in the amount of offset needed varies from SD content to HD content.

I’m perusing the documentation, and it appears as though the only filters available is by either Show Name, file path, etc. Just wanted to see if I was missing anything.

I looked and you are right, there is no resolution filter. I suggest putting in a feature request for this.

Will do - thank you!

If your media is OTA, you can use the profile filters for channels to detect HD and SD content. The HD channels are almost always primary (e.g. Ch 2.1) and the secondary channels are SD (e.g. Ch 2.2, etc). The call letters can also help filter as well.

For general processing, I agree, media size filters would help. Usually it is 320/480 (SD), 720/1080 (HD), and 4K, and you could simplify into “%isSD%”, “%isHD%”, and “%is4K%” booleans.

The bad part is that I’m recording through PlexDVR and it’s through a HDHomerun Prime. Plex doesn’t add any channel info to the recordings, at least that I’m aware of. I could add each show individually, and setup comskip profiles for each content, but if I want to record something once off - it would make it such a pain.

I did submit a feature request, so we shall see. :slight_smile:

If you have access to the PlexDVR, would you be able to use the HDHomerun DVR software and use that to record, process through MCEBuddy and then plop into your Plex folder using the renaming formulas?

That’s what I do, and it’s pretty automatic for 99% of the shows. The ones I do have issues with are related to the guide data, so MCEBuddy can’t really fix that. The downside is that you need to use the HDHR DVR app to schedule, and I don’t know how different/better/worse it is compared to PlexDVR.

I’m still working on a workflow that can take a standalone text/json/xml/csv/properties file and run it through MCEBuddy and have MCEBuddy replace the existing metadata with whatever overrides are in the standalone file. I need that for recordings of mostly PBS and older syndicated shows (e.g. Emeril Live! on DABL, Dust on TBD) that don’t have guide data (PBS shows notoriously don’t get episode details/metadata from the producers/distributors like CPB and APM and brand/self/locally produced/distributed shows that sell direct like America’s Test Kitchen or Jamie (Oliver)'s 15 Minute Meals).