Channel Filter help

I’m new to MCEBuddy and trying to work out all my profile issues. I’ve not found one set of comprehensive documentation.

I’ve realized that anything recorded from PBS or WLIW21 (NY) public TV that the commercial removal never really works and I lose segments of the actual video. I want to set up a task to convert only videos from these channels so they don’t use comskip. What do I have to put in the channel filter for this task? Do I have to exclude these channels from the other tasks I’ve created to avoid multiple versions?

You will need to see how your channel name shows up in the metadata. To do that open the conversion log for any file that was converted from that channel. Look for at metadata extraction logs (around the beginning of the file) and look for the words Network:
That will tell you what channel name is being used for that channel and you can create a new conversion task and filter based on that name.