Codec selection filter for Conversion Task

I have been using MCEbuddy to remove commecrials and convert wtv files to mp4. Those files are created from a Silicondust HDHomerun Prime on a Comcast cable provider.
Up to now, Comcast was coding all the videos in mpeg2. But recently, it send video in h264 format for all channels except for the local broadcast and drm that are still in mpeg2.
How can I configure MCEbuddy to remove commercials for all files, but only convert files that are in mpeg2 to h264 and leave the other ones alone?
Thanks for your help.

Not currently, I’m going to move this to a feature request

This has been implemented in today’s 2.4.8 BETA build, you can find it in the expert settings section of the Conversion Task. Try it out and let us know how it goes. Make sure you’re downloading today’s build.

Thanks a lot for the quick reply.
I have tried the BETA and it does skip the conversion for the files that are not in mpeg2 format.
The problem for me is that it just skips any processing on those files that are already h264.
I was hoping to have them processed through the comskip even if they were already in h264.
Maybe I did not set it up correctly.
I chose the Expert Setting Codec “mpeg2” instead of “Any”.
Thanks a lot.

If you select Mpeg2 in the expert settings then that conversion task will ONLY process files that have mpeg2 as the codec.

If you want to commercial cut and convert files that only have mpeg2 then select your profile (mp4 normal), set Comskip and select Mpeg2 as the codec filter.

If you only want to commercial cut and keep the original format for files that have mpeg4 then select your profile (mp4 unprocessed), set Comskip and select Mpeg4 as your codec filter.

So you’ll have to setup 2 different conversion tasks with two different settings because you’re looking to do two different things as I understand it.

Thank you so much.
This does make total sense now.
I will let you know if I still have trouble but it seems that it will work well.

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I have been ‘working around’ this Comcast ‘issue’ for a while now – and it’s been a major godsend/hassle. :slight_smile:
I read that you added this feature in the latest Beta, but didn’t see anywhere in the documentation in how to implement this setting… I was thinking it was going to be more complicated – similar to renaming for movies vs. television episodes…
This is so much easier than I anticipated and while not as “smart” as I would have wished, it makes my crude filtering by Channel name (~K* = xfinity x264, etc) obsolete and a huge welcome change!
After finding this post and opening my Task Expert Settings, it all makes perfect sense!
Now the only remaining “custom” filtering I use for MPEG2 SD content which I use a 2pass HQ setting for… and sometimes custom cropping depending on where a Network places their logo on 4:3 content. :wink:

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I love this feature but I was thinking of a way to speed it up, I currently have 2 sets of tasks that utilize this feature but i have nearly 5000 videos in the queue, and it takes 1-2 days for the queue to re-populate after a reboot. I use this open source program called mediainfo ( MediaInfo ) and I can right click on any video file and choose “Mediainfo” and it will pop up all the details about it, container, codec, you name it… Might be something worth looking into integrating to help speed up that particular search task. Also I’d like the codec search to be a multi select, not just a single. I have 2 sets of tasks because I’m converting mepg2 and mpeg4 into mpegh/hevc to squeeze every byte and bit out my hard drive space :slight_smile: Thank you for your time and consideration! :smile:

OH another idea, where you wouldn’t integrate anything would be to store a cache file of the files name/date hash and codec/container info… that could also greatly increase time after a reboot, but wouldnt do anything for initial search whereas mediainfo program could still be useful… just some thoughts :slight_smile:

When a file is in the queue you can right click on it and select Media Info and it will show you this information.

I wasnt looking for that info however, I have that. I was just suggesting possible ways to speed up the recovery of the queue when you have 1000’s of files and its looking at each one for codecs. My newish pc is still unstable and blue screens once a day, been playing with my settings and getting it better, just bought new mobo and ram and still tweaking it, got ryzen 7 1800x with 16gb of 3400mhz ram… still takes over a day to recover the queue and not long after that my pc might blue screen and start the task all over again… anywho, not a big deal, just thought I’d pitch a few thoughts in the ring for speeding it up… the cache idea might be great still