Conversion Tasks - Limit By

I am using MCEBuddy to compress video coming from OTA TV.

I get some broadcasts that are ATSC3 and some ‘old fashioned’.

The ATSC videos are already HEVC @ 60 FPS directly from the antenna. No need to try any further compression, they already are small enough and look great.

I do need to convert the container from .ts to .mkv and also rename the files. I can do this with MCEBuddy.

I have created two conversation tasks, one for videos that are the classic broadcast which are MPEG2 view format (and are massive!). I am using the Codec Selection Filter option, to execute only on MPEG2 codec types. That works.


I would like a second conversion tasks that triggers only if the codec is HEVC. I tried selecting Others from the list, but based on the logs MCEBuddy looked at the type of codec in the files and they did not match ‘other’ so it skipped the video.

Is there a way I can add HEVC to the codec list?

I think I got it.

If you select MPEGH, that matches HEVC.