Filter to encode all but one codec type

I want to monitor a particular library folder to automatically transcode all files to HEVC Main10. I can easily filter by containers (anything that isn’t matroska) but I also will have h264 and h265 8-bit files that are mkv. I don’t want to reprocess a file that is already h265 10-bit. I have researched and saw that a codec filter option exists under the advanced settings, but I can’t figure out if it is possible to select all but one codec type. Thank you.

Use wildcards and negation. e.g. ~x265;*
which means “not x265”, then anything.
The x265 is off the top of my head syntax - I’m not at my PC to check it.

The search pattern for Monitor Locations permits wild cards and negation, however the Codec field under Advanced Settings for Conversion Tasks is a fixed list. The only available options are “Any”, “Mpeg2”, “Mpeg4”, “MpegH”, and “Others”. My objective is for mediainfo to scan a file, determine the codec, and then re-encode all files except those which are already HEVC (h265). I can do this with a script I have written, but I prefer it be done in MCEBuddy so that it can actively monitor folder locations.

Create multiple conversion tasks, one of each codec. Duplicate your conversion task (right click and select duplicate), open it and change your codec filter and save it. It’s some duplication for now but we are looking into options for allowing multiple selections in future builds.

You could use mediainfo to rename the h265 mkv files to embed “h265” (or other marker) in the filename, and then exclude those by filename in the profile for processing. You could post-process to rename again removing the marker.

I would, but unfortunately that would conflict with Radarr / Sonarr naming conventions. I previously used an approach like this, but it didn’t play nice with other applications.

Thank you again for your help (you have been very helpful in other threads as well). I will experiment and report back.

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Seconded on the props to Goose. We literally see our user feedback in the features and improvements listed in every changelog.

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With the next build you’ll be able to select multiple codecs from the filter list so you don’t need to duplicate the tasks.